Gary Milek Paintings and Prints

Landscape Paintings in Egg Tempera and Gold Leaf by Vermont Artist Gary Milek

Finely detailed egg tempera paintings depicting the Vermont countryside, rich gold leaf and egg tempera landscapes, and watercolors featuring botanically-correct flowers and herbs, characterize the work of nationally-known artist Gary Milek. Painting from a deep respect for the natural world around him, Milek uses 15th century techniques to recreate the New England landscapes that surround his homestead in Vermont.

While Gary Milek’s art is collected throughout the world, he is a regional painter, having painted the New England landscape for more than 30 years. His work can be viewed at his studio and shop, Cider Hill Gallery, in Windsor, Vermont, as well as at fine art galleries throughout New England. Many of his images are available as giclée limited edition prints. Commissioned paintings can be arranged by contacting the artist.

“Vision is the quest, color is the gift. Love and discipline are the driving forces that allow me to conceptualize and paint my reverence for nature.”  — Gary Milek

Gary Milek • Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery • 1747 Hunt Road • Windsor, Vermont 05089
802-674-6825 •